● And check out our links section, because i just added a new link of HardXTimes!
● You'll find a new showdate with Champion, Paint the Town Red, The Promise and Count to React on the shows section
● You'll find a few advertisements & interviews of us in zines & magazines! The best one: a full page in the last PunkRawk
● New Video is gonna come up at the Video section, (live in beauvais) ! thanx Aurélien CTR
●  a new demo cd with 8 songs "no retreat" is available
● We Updated the links, guestbook,  and shows section.
           ● We're back in the studio in a few weeks to record new songs who are gonna be for a split album with a band which are friends of ours...And to record a song for the tribute to Chain Of Strenght on Varsity records (argentine)                                          
● Check out our T-Shirt's at the Merchandise section ( Thanxxx to Rudo of I-Reject!)!!!  free stickers & buttons when you buy one         
● The 7" old school attack is still available the philippe's cover is sold out & julien's one will be soon
● New MP3's available. Record labels and distributors that like the sound can ask for a promo copy.
A little shout out and major thanxxx to Rudo from I-Reject for the help when i started the website.
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